John Cleese on Creativity – YouTube

John Cleese on Creativity – YouTube.

Cleese vertelt aan een saaie zaal over hoe je creatief kan zijn:

-creativity is NOT a talent

-it is a way of operating

-that needs a certain facility this is child-like

– it is an OPEN mode

-regular work is done in CLOSED mode and that works but for creativity OPEN is needs. when a decision is needed we need to switch to CLOSED to implement the idea

-To get into the OPEN mode 5 things are needed


2TIME, to get in the mode. max 1.5 hrs to be creative of which 30″ to get into the mode and really the CLOSED state of daily live behind

3TIME, to be used for creativity

4 confidence. don’t accept the first solution, use all the time you have given yourself to find the BEST idea

5 a 21″waist / sorry, humor



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