weer Wallgallery

maandag 16-1 weer naar de Gallery voor StMartin en WdKA student presentaties: SUPPLY


In SUPPLY Tom Brown, Henk Gieskens, James Halliwell and Roos Wijma provide for the need of new art. These twenty-somethings are not only exhibiting their art but also that which drives them as artists, their inspiration and view on the meaning of art in our world of transformation. Their art takes us by surprise as it comes alive. As there are finished pieces as well as various studies on display, the focus of the exhibition is dedicated to studio practice. In their studio these reflective artists are rethinking and reusing matter, whether this is the ‘image’ or ‘canvas’ or ‘frame’. SUPPLY is an exhibition that establishes a crossover between London and Rotterdam, creating an exchange, bringing together artists at the point of their final year of Art school in these two cities. Later on this year the show DEMAND is scheduled in London.

leuk om werk te zien hangen van studenten die je ‘gewoon’ nog op de Academie tegenkomt:

en t gebouw laat je duizelen, zowel vanuit t appartement als van onderaf

The Red Apple


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